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New product:Nut Bracket,Motor Bracket ,Low profile support unit

EKEKSupport Unit EK EFEFSupport Unit EF
BKSupport Unit BK BFBFSupport Unit BF
FKSupport Unit FK FFFFSupport Unit FF
AKAKSupport Unit AK AFAFSupport Unit AF
WBKWBK type support Unit (heavy-load) Lubricator filler Support Unit BK
Lubricator filler support Unit WBK Lubricator filler Support Unit FK
WBK(Motor Bracket)type support Unit

Patent Product:Support Unit (Type of Dropping Oil from Center)

MC Nut Bracket MGD Nut Bracket
Motor Bracket MBA (Narrow Type) Motor Bracket MBL (Low Narrow Type)
Motor Bracket MBB (Hidden Type) Support Unit LK(fixed-side rectangular type)
Support Unit LFA(fixed-side rectangular type) Support Unit LF(fixed-side rectangular type)
SYK Catalogue & 2D,3D CAD file download
Ballscrew support units;Ballscrew support unit

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